The MLS* Teen Anime Club (aka MTAC) is an after-school teen social program devoted to otaku culture (manga, anime, and video games). The club meets every other Friday afternoon and take part in activities such as Otaku Pictionary, Video Game Jams, Otaku Cranium, Anime Screenings, Manga Drawing Jams, Otaku-related crafts, and more!

*Mississauga Library System

Friday, February 10, 2012

MTAC on Hiatus

Due to low attendance, the MLS Teen Anime Club will be on hiatus. Hopefully by this Summer, the club will be back when we reach out to more new Otaku-enthusiasts.

I want to thank all the past and present members for making MTAC an exciting club in the library. For the past THREE years, we've done a lot of fun activities:
-Anime screenings from Operation Anime
-a visit from manga artist Svetlana Chmakova
-Manga Jams and speed drawings
-selected new manga titles to add to the Mississauga Library System
-craft activities like origami, plushies, Tanabata ornaments, paper dolls
-playing Go and learning Japanese from the Golden Key Cultural Centre
-Video games - playing Wii and PS3 on the Noel Ryan Auditorium screen
-hanging out and promoting the club at the annual Missisauga Literacy Festival/Bookfest
-building a haunted house for the Central Library Children's department Halloween program
-2011's Cosplay Picnic at the Celebration Square

Thank you for all the awesome times and hope to see you guys again soon!

-Jason Loo

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Anime Viewing/Dubbing/Commentary in January

Happy New Year, MTACkers!

Watching Anime was one of the fun activities we got to do at our MTAC meetings in November-December. At our last meeting in December, we saw a wacky anime series not many of us has seen or heard about and to make matters interesting, we couldn't find the remote to change the subtitles/audio. So we had to guess what was going on as the anime played. Fun! No sarcastic tone needed.

For January 13th and 27th, come in with a wacky, absurd anime title (Moon Phase worthy) rated for teens or under for everyone to dub their own voices, guess the plot, or commentate on awkward scenes.

MTAC Anime Commentary
Anime title is decided on the day of meeting
Friday, January 13th, 27th - 3:30-5:00PM
Central Library, ground floor program room


Thursday, December 1, 2011

T.A.G. Holiday Party!

T.A.G. Holiday Party
Friday, December 16, 2011
3:30pm – 8:30pm

Join Teen Advisory Groups and youth from across Mississauga for a TAG Holiday Party. Central Library’s TAG will be hosting a book exchange followed by a viewers’ choice holiday film.
Book Swap: Bring in your old youth fiction/graphic fiction books and exchange them for new books. Bring in books you want other teens to read and books you think other teens will like. Then, pick up some new titles to get you through the winter and restock your bookshelves.
Example: If you bring 7 old books in you can bring 7 new books home.

Holiday Movie: Stick around after the Book Swap to watch a great holiday movie. Vote for your favourite!

Book Exchange: 3:30pm – 5:30pm – Ground Floor Program Room
Viewers’ Choice Holiday Movie: 6:30pm – 8:30pm- Noel Ryan Auditorium
Admission is free
Age 12y – 19y

Friday, October 28, 2011

Funimation Anime Viewing

November 4th and December 2nd, we'll have Funimation Anime viewings straight from the source (streaming from the Funimation website). MTACkers will get to select the Anime episodes on the day of viewing (no blog polls!). Snacks (popcorn and Pockey) will be provided.

@ Central Library, Readers Den program room

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's GO time!

October 21st, the Golden Key Cultural Centre will give us a lesson in the game GO and provide GO boards for us to play!
The program starts at 3:30pm and ends at 5pm.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MTAC is BACK! This Friday!

Hey MTACkers!

The first MTAC meeting since the summer is happening THIS Friday at the Central Library, Reader’s Den program room, 3:30pm-5pm.

We’ll have two PS3s set-up, one with Singstar (karaoke game) and the other with anything random like Marvel vs Capcom 3 or BlazBlue. We’ll also have a table just for sketching and board games. It’s just a perfect spot to meet after school.

Also, on October 21st (also at the Central Library, Reader’s Den program room, 3:30pm-5pm), Golden Key Cultural Centre will be coming in to give us a brief lesson on the game GO (like in Hiraku no Go) then give us a chance to play some rounds.

See you guys this Friday!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MTAC needs your Feedback!

Hi MTACkers,

The MLS Teen Anime Club wants your feedback. There’s been a declining attendance in our club this past year, and I want to know how we can make this club continue to live on.

Simply click the link and give your honest (and anonymous) opinions in the survey. There’s only 3 questions to answer.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

CosPlay Picnic @ Celebration Square!

Hey MTACkers!

The first annual CosPlay Picnic @ Celebration Square is about two weeks away (FRIDAY August 5th)! So bring your baskets, picnic blankets and sunscreen for cosplay fun in the sun on the lawn of the new Celebration Square (outside the Mississauga Central Library)!
There will also be a dance party (ie. Caramelldansen) at the Amphitheatre located at the upper half of the Celebration Square.
The fountain will be operating as an ideal backdrop for photos, or if you like to get wet.

Since this is our first annual CosPlay Picnic at the new Celebration Square, let's make this one crazy-exciting event so we can run many more in the future! I hope all you 'Maybes' decide to come!

Just a couple RULES for the event:
-The Celebration Square is a public area, so please dress and act appropriately!
-No litterbugs!

Picnic starts at 1:00PM and ends at 4:00PM, but cosplayers can stay longer as they feel.

In case it happens to rain that day, the Central Library will be hosting Video Game Dayz in the Noel Ryan Auditorium from 2-4PM. Come in costume and play DDR or some Wii-action on the big screen. Unfortunately, no food or drinks allowed inside the auditorium.

See you guys on August 5th!

Jason Loo
MLS* Teen Anime Club co-ordinator
*Mississauga Library System

RSVP here!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Manga Jams - June 2011







Manga Jams were drawn by Rickaye C, Olivia D, Celina C, Terrell B, Carla F, Niki L, and Jason Loo.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anime North reviews

Review by Donald L.

Day 1: When I first got to the place, I waited about half an hour to get my pre-registration badge, then met up with my friends and then lined up for the dealer's room. I didn't buy anything, just wanted to see what they had. After about an hour, me and my friends just spent an hour walking around the parking lot/outside hall entrance area taking pictures of cosplayers. After that, I decided to volunteer, and I got placed at the Anime Skit Contest, so I practically had front seats the whole time! That was awesome. After that, me and my friends checked out the artist alley. There were many kinds of anime related artwork but no AKB48 related things! I bought a whole set of pins though, for a $1 each. After that, we ate and hung out in the lobby of the front entrance of the Toronto Convention Centre, that place was really nice and comfy to hang out! We went home around 11.

Day 2: I decided to not volunteer today and have as much fun as possible. I really wanted to go to Café Delish, but my friends wanted to go somewhere else and we missed it :( so I was really determined to go to Café Nocturne, which was in the evening. For the afternoon we went to a cosplay photography panel, and the Anime North idol finals. The idol finals was awesome, because we got front seats! After that, we just went around and took more photos again. I stumbled upon the Final Fantasy photo shoot group and they did poses from Final Fantasy VII-XIII, which was awesome. Eventually I got into Café Nocturne and although it was not what I expected, I made some friends so that made it worthwhile.

Day 3: I planned to get my hours to get my refunded membership today. I spent morning to afternoon volunteering. What really amused me was the manga library, where people were actually reading mangas like no tomorrow! I didn't read any so I was ready to find books people needed fast. My whole day was spent volunteering. When I had to wait for the lineup to get volunteer rewards/refunds, we had to wait about an hour because they were out of cash! It was agonizing waiting because my friends were waiting for me.

1. Cosplay was nice
2. Cafes were unique
1. Frustating as heck to go back and forth to Doubletree Hotel and Toronto Convention Centre if you want to go somewhere/need something
2. Dealer's room on Saturday is insane, worse than Friday/Sunday, do not go there on Saturday
3. Volunteering coordination was not that organized
For future anime convention goers:
1. Bring a camera
2. Bring water/umbrella

Review by Rickaye C.
Whoot! Anime North was a blast, although it wasn't the best. The damp and humid weather kinda threw me off but either way it didn't stop me.
Friday wasn't so bad besides getting my cosplay dirty and waiting to get inside the dealers room, it was packed... and phooey I missed the nominoichi and I was so stoked for it, I guess I was to busy looking for my friends. Saturday was better due to the masquerade and all the cosplay photoshoots I was a part of. The masquerade was shorter this year but had very impressive novice entries and many were quite funny. After the masquerade I watched a bit of the 404's. TT.TT It was hilarious but seeing bright pink shiny speedos is one thing I don't ever want to see again. Uuurrrggghhh, I got to buy a few things on this day from the artist's alley, mostly keychains of Panty and Stocking along with DC characters. Sadly, no prints got my attention.
Sunday was kinda an off day...I went around as a hunter from Left 4 Dead and found myself with a pack, we walked around looking for more L4D cosplayers then strolled into the dealers room, it was just as hot but less packed. I ended up buying stuff for my family... I really don't know why. I stashed my purchases at the Doubletree with the rest of my stuff changed and just raved a bit outside before I had to leave.
Overall I was happy with the whole con weekend but once I got home everything caught up with me. I slept for God knows how long and ate like a starving man, that's what cons do to you, I guess.
I'm going through AN withdrawal right now but I'm getting ready for Fan Expo, I hope next year will be so much better.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Meetings from June-August!

We'll be writing/drawing collaborative Manga pages. One page will have a theme (example- "Death") where one artist draws one panel to start off the page then passes it to another person to draw the next panel. Absurd hilarity ensues at the last panel. Meeting held in the Central Library, second floor, CL3 at 3:45PM-5:00PM.

JULY 15th - Singstar Karaoke
Sing your favourite rock ballads, top 40 hits, and retro pop tracks with Playstation 3's Singstar. There are over 200+ songs to choose from. Meeting held in the Central Library, Ground floor program room at new earlier time 3:00PM-4:30PM.

AUGUST 5th - Cosplay Picnic at Celebration Square
Bring your baskets, picnic baskets and sunscreen for cosplay fun in the sun on the lawn of the new Celebration Square (outside the Central Library)! Invite your fellow cosplay enthusiasts for this event. Since the Celebration Square is a public area, please dress and act appropriately! Also, no litterbugs! Picnic starts at 1:00PM and ends at 4:00PM, but cosplayers can stay longer as they feel.

We'll be playing Wii and Playstation 3 games on the big screen! Some of the games you may find are New Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Smash Bros BRAWL, Scott Pilgrim, Marvel vs Capcom 3, just to name a few. Starts at 3:00PM and ends at 4:30PM at the Central Library, ground floor program room.

Also check the Event listings for Video Game Dayz.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Call for Submissions: ANIME NORTH reviews!

Last weekend was Anime North! How was it compared to the past years? As packed as Fan Expo? Did you take part in any contests or the masquearade? Submit a review of AN2011 and get a prize from the Otaku Stash Box! Reviews must be 40 words or more. Email your reviews to Deadline is June 7th!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 20th - Otaku Pictionary!

On our May 20th MTAC meeting, we'll be playing Otaku Pictionary at the Central Library, second floor, room CL3!
We'll have two giant easels for speed drawers on each team to sketch simultaneously (ftw).

We'll also have time to discuss the upcoming Anime North!

Pocky and juice will be provided.

Event starts at 3:45PM!

Monday, April 4, 2011

VIDEO GAME JAMS in April! (EDIT: Also May 6)

EDIT : April 8th and MAY 6TH, we'll be busting out the digital projector for Marvel vs Capcom 3 on the PS3, as well as BRAWL on Wii (bring extra controllers). Video Game Jams on May 6th will take place in the Central Library, Children's department, Story Room at 3:45-5:00PM.

Originally, April 22nd was the second date but had to be cancelled due to Good Friday.